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Mediazotic Solutions

Brand Safety Concerns

We try to keep ourselves updated with the best Security solutions to protect the validity of your brand and we strive to ensure that your site is never associated with inappropriate content. We provide full transparency on ad placement and partners with Double Verify and Risk IQ to protect against fraud and malware.

Below are our Brand Safety Measures:

1. Strict Approval Process: Our safety and security process starts right from the time of the Publisher Signup. Out team analyses the details given at the time of signup and call verification is done to ensure that we and the publishers are on the same page.

2. Site Relevancy Check: All affiliate programs on our platform and on approval basis. The team check the relevancy of the site that has applied for the program before approving the same. There is no point running an Ad at a place where it is not making any impact. We do a relevancy check before an Ad goes live on any of our publisher sites.

3. Past Track Records: Checking the past track record of a publisher before campaign approval is a very important step to ensure that the campaign is getting delivered in the most optimized manner. We keep a track record of every publisher according to the historical data we have with publishers.

4. Reporting & Analysis: The team does daily report analysis for the delivery made and each click or transaction is tracked on our panel. Analysis is done on various parameters to ensure the we know where an Ad is running and who is running it. Our tracking platform helps us to measure the same each day.

5. The Human Touch: We might use the top and the most advanced technology to improve our performance delivery but a human touch is always required. Our compliance team is well trained for reporting and analysis to keep a regular and most stringent test on the campaign delivery.

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